Poetry Corner: Recep – a univocalism in E

The bent pretender,
The shyster.
Elected by the selected few
Recep never regrets,
Never frets.
Sheltered by defenders,
Help extended by vested nest eggs,
He keeps the keys.

The plebs see else.
Recep’s sect merely represent themselves.
See the free press?
Recep sees the enemy.
Lest they tell,
Lest they check,
Lest they see Recep’s crew exert perverse yens,
They’re sentenced.

He shells the PKK,
Deems them rebels,
Rejects the beef the West presents.
They’d flee. Where?

Sense severed,
He merks Merkel.
The testy, peppery peeve detects repellent sneers,
The sneerer served.
The perverse decree needs credence,
Begs precedent.

Reject. Eject. Rebel.
Then we’ll be free.
Tell Recep, the peerless bellend, bye-bye.