The quizzing

I love a pub quiz. Moreover, I like winning them. I even went on TV once (you won’t have seen it).

What happened at Vox Bar, Wood Street, Huddersfield, back in the day was that my wife and I would enter the quiz and win it. So instead of giving us a crate of booze every week, we were asked to write the quiz and present it instead, in exchange for cheaper ale on the bar. And that’s what happened 100+ times.

Prior to that, we did try to get a quiz going at the now long-departed College Arms. It lasted about a year, but someone did buy our christmas quiz that year for their own pub.

What I mean is, we write good quiz. Topical, general knowledge, specialist rounds… Whatever you like. Use the form and ask us if you’d like a quiz writing for your event/establishment/own personal amusement. For a commensurate fee, of course.