The quizzing

Now hosting the pub quiz at The County in Huddersfield on a Wednesday night!

I love a pub quiz. Moreover, I like winning them. I even went on TV once (you won’t have seen it).

EDIT: Been on twice now. Repping the Sportsman on Al Murray’s Great British Pub Quiz. It was on Quest and at time of writing is still available on their on demand service.

What happened at Vox Bar, Wood Street, Huddersfield, back in the day was that my then wife and I would enter the quiz and win it. So instead of giving us a crate of booze every week, we were asked to write the quiz and present it instead in exchange for cheaper ale on the bar. And that’s what happened 100+ times.

Prior to that, we did try to get a quiz going at the now long-departed College Arms. It lasted about a year, but someone did buy our christmas quiz that year for their own pub.

Started doing a daily* quiz on the Twitter over @DailyQuizzing so get in on that and join in.

What I mean is, we write good quiz. Topical, general knowledge, specialist rounds… Whatever you like. Use the form and ask us if you’d like a quiz writing for your event/establishment/own personal amusement. For a commensurate fee, of course.

* – probably not actually daily, but more often than not