Cooking With Casuals: Lamb breast in Old Peculier

No pictures. Because I ate it too quickly.

We got a lamb breast for cheap. So what to do with it?

Well, sear it off in a dry pan for starters, then transfer to the slow cooker.
In the pan, a chopped onion and garlic were fried in a little oil, then half a bottle of Theakston’s Old Peculier and some veg stock went in so that all the meat residue came off the pan. In went some fresh rosemary and the whole shebang was poured over the breast in the slow cooker. The rest of the beer and some more stock went in until it was half to two-thirds covered. Stick the cooker on high and four hours later, you’re done.

After the four hours, I removed the lamb and let it stand. The liquid was transferred to a saucepan and brought to a rolling boil to reduce it down for a lovely gravy. A bit of salt went in as it was on the sweet side initially.

Served with mash and veg, it was bloody lovely.