Cooking With Casuals: Beer-braised brisket

First in a very occasional series. Maybe.

Anyway, we got hold of a cheap slab of brisket from the reduced section of the butchery counter at the supermarket – our favourite section. ‘Cook this’, said Mrs Dobbo. Okey dokes.

There was about a kilo and a half of beef.
In a large frying pan, I browned it off and transferred to the slow cooker.
In the pan, I fried onions and garlic until softened, added a bottle of beer – a nut-brown ale, anything with a bit of colour will do – tomato puree, brown sugar, salt and black pepper. Stir that on a low heat until the sugar dissolves and tip it all over the beef in the slow cooker.brisket

Stick the slow cooker on really low and basically just leave it for about 14 hours (or until it’s done, really).
Part way through the cooking, Mrs D had a taste and felt it a bit flat, so added some beef stock, red wine vinegar and a bit more seasoning. Spot on.

It made a right nice sarnie.

No, I don’t do measurements. Just chuck stuff at it and see what works.