The sport

I’m well past playing any. Instead, I talk a good game.

What I mean is, I commentate. I’ve been doing football and rugby league commentary for Huddersfield Hospital Radio since 2008. Prior to that, I was doing it for Leeds Rhinos RLFC for four years.

Every Monday on Huddersfield Hospital Radio, we have a half-hour sport talk show where the team and I dissect the main talking points of the previous weekend and throw forward to upcoming events.

I don’t do much football blogging any more. When I do, it’s at the home of football sarcasm that is Euroballs. Previously, I’ve written for The Two Unfortunates, The Magic Spongers, We Are Going Up and In Bed With Maradona.

I had a column in Forty-20 magazine for a bit as well. Something I may go back to one day, I hope.

Here are some bits that I’m more than usually proud of:

A couple of my IBWM pieces ended up on World Soccer as well, which was nice.

Given that I watch Huddersfield Town quite a lot, you also get to hear me on occasion along with the lads on the Thrice Champions podcast, which is usually a giggle. Expect intolerance of poor players and love for ambitious German coaches.

And when I’m not doing that, I’ll be at York City.