The music



There are five main strands to my musical output.

On a Tuesday evening, I play an hours worth of records on Huddersfield Hospital Radio. You can read all about that on the show’s blog.
That also links in to both my YouTube and Soundcloud channels. I’m always on the hunt for new bands and new music. I might not break you in the States or anything, but it’s got to be a start, right?

I was on the editing team of football/culture website In Bed With Maradona with particular responsibility for their music page. After a change in management, I’ve spun that off to Contributions welcome.

My spotify stuff is here.

My mate Tom and I have started doing a bit of live stuff under the name John Thomas.


We had our first proper gig on July 30, 2016.

john thomas live

And finally, working on a new project with my mate Pete. Beats plus lyrics. It’s in the can and should be out soon.