The books

I write.

Book number one is due soon. It will be plugged vigorously.
I have a chapter in the very lovely Falling For Football, available now, and a small bit in IBWM: The First Two Years which might well have run out by now.

As well as writing, I read. And I’m a picky bugger. So much so that the lovely people at Ockley Books entrust most of their proof-reading to me.
Books I’ve proofed are:

  • 50 Teams That Mattered by David Hartrick
  • IBWM: The First Two Years edited by David Hartrick
  • The Football Tourist by Stuart Fuller
  • Saving The Test by Mike Jakeman
  • Falling For Football compiled and edited by Adam Bushby and Rob MacDonald
  • From The Back Page To The Front Room by Roger Domeneghetti
  • Juventus: A History In Black And White by Adam Digby
  • Pundit Colouring by Mick Kinlan and Richard Bellis
  • The Agony & The Ecstasy: A Comprehensive History Of The Play-Offs by Richard Foster
  • Peter Legend – My Story
  • The Football Tourist – The Second Half by Stuart Fuller

Use the form below if you have a project that requires a proof-reader. £3 per 1000 words is a general guide.